“First Annual” is a BIG No No!

When I went to college I was originally a Broadcast Journalism major. To this day I still remember the Introduction to Writing class that I took and the Associated Press Stylebook we were required to have.

Admittedly, while I am a pretty good writer I am not the best proofreader. It is pretty easy for me to gloss over little mistakes. However, the one thing that will always catch my eye is when someone putting on an event for the first time uses the phrase “first annual.”

“First annual” is predictive. You are guessing it is an annual event when you have no idea if it will continue to be one. Doing this drives writing professionals bonkers.

Whenever you have an event for the first time, you should use phrases like “first ever” or “inaugural.” If successful and you get to have the event again, it then becomes the “second annual.”

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